Shea Butter

West African women have been using shea butter for soap making for generations and generations, developing homemade products with 100% shea butter soap and Black Soap Shea butter for their personal consumption.

Shea Butter for SoapHowever, shea butter soap is quickly gaining in popularity throughout the rest of the world. Most people unknowingly bathe with over-processed, chemically heavy soaps and body washes that wipe away skins natural moisturize and leave skin irritated and raw. But consumers are starting to identify the natural healing and cleansing properties inherent in shea butter soap. 100% shea butter soaps, combined with essential oils and fruit, flower or herb extracts, provide skin with exceptional moisture, softening and healing skin while cleansing and exfoliating at the same time.

Global Mamas shea butter is ideal for producing 100% shea butter soaps and soap products. Shea butter soap can be combined with numerous other ingredients to make refreshing, hydrating and healing shea butter soaps and body washes. Use Aloe Vera, honey, Vitamin E extract, lavender, lemongrass or mango, just to name a few, and transform our Global Mamas shea butter into exceptional shea butter soap. Global Mamas shea butter can be made into bar soaps or liquid body washes or body scrubs. 

Additionally, shea butter is soft enough and gentle enough to be used in face washes, as a gentle facial exfoliator, and in black soap for sensitive skin. Given shea butter's inherent anti-aging properties, from decreasing fine lines and wrinkles to sun protection and minimizing the appearance of age spots, shea butter soap makes excellent facial care products.

Purchasing Global Mamas shea butter soap wholesale provides the opportunity to turn this amazing West African gem into so many different types of shea butter soap products. The possibilities are limitless!

For several examples of transforming 100% shea butter soap into unique products, please check out our Shea Butter Recipes!