Shea Butter

This page is designed to give you a simple idea of some products you can make with shea butter recipes. From shea butter soaps recipe and shea butter lotion recipe to recipe for shea butter cream and recipe for whipped shea butter, the possibilities of products you can create are limitless! Take the time to add your own scents, come up with your own ideas, and perfect shea butter products!

There are several methods for melting shea butter, which will behind to turn into a liquid at around body temperature.

Control the temperature: Place shea butter in a pot and heat to 170-185 degrees F, keeping this temperature for 10-15 minutes. Let the shea butter cool rapidly.

Cool down: Heat shea butter over the stove until it just begins to melt. Stir to remove any lumps or graininess, and remove from heat, letting the substance sit until it is nearly cooled. When a little more solid, but not completely so, divide into individual containers and let it continue to cool, forming back into its original hardness.

Double pot method
: This is a great method to remove any unwanted particles or lumps, especially useful in shea butter lotion recipe, recipe for shea butter cream and recipe for whipped shea butter.

Fill a pot with water and allow to boil. Insert a second, smaller, pot on top, so that the water from underneath just grazes the bottom of the second pot. Add shea butter to the top pot and allow to melt, turning completely liquid. When liquid, pour the shea butter through a fine mesh strainer into a heat resistant container. In order to avoid lumpiness (as the different components of pure shea butter can sometimes separate during heating), you will need to stir your shea butter as it cools. Try stirring every 20-30 minutes for several hours, increasing to every 10 minutes when the mixture gets creamier. Before it is completely “set,” transport the mixture into individual containers.

Shea butter Recipes

Great base for a soap, and you can of course add your favorite scents or oil extracts.
Heat 32 oz coconut oil and 40 oz shea butter to about 90-100 degrees F (use a slow heat, so the oil and shea butter fuse together and melt slowly). At the same time, heat up 10.5 oz of lye with 27 oz of water, allow it to cool slightly and add it to the coconut oil and shea butter mixture. If you have any scents you would like to add, now is the time! Lastly, stir mixture until thick and blended, dividing into individual containers when cooled (although still soft).

Heat .4 oz beeswax over a double boiler. Heat .3oz Lanolin oil and .4 oz shea butter in a separate pot, added 1 oz olive oil when fully melted. Combine both mixtures and stir thoroughly, pouring into small chap stick pots, if desire.

Melt 2 oz of beeswax in a small saucepan until melted. In a separate sauce pan, melt 1 oz shea butter. When it turns liquid, add in 4 oz sweet almond oil, 1 oz Jojoba oil and 1 oz avocado oil and stir until blended. At this point, add in the melted beeswax from your other sauce pan as well as any essential oils or other scents, stirring all ingredients until fully blended. Remove from heat and wait several minutes until the mixture cools a little, at which point you can transfer the liquid to your chapstick pots or sticks.

Heat 4 oz beeswax until melted (either over the stove or in the microwave) and heat 4 oz shea butter 5 oz jajoba oil in another container (again, over the stove or in the microwave). When both are melted, stir together in a large mixing pot and add in 2-3 oz of your favorite scent or oil essence. Once the mixture cools slightly (but still isn’t hard), pour into bar soap containers and let cool and harden.

Combine equal parts (about 1 tbsp each) honey, shea butter and olive oil and heat in a microwave or over a suace pan. Once combined, transfer to a bowl and stir until cooler. Add one raw egg and 1 tbsp plain yogurt, stir well. Apply to dry or slightly damp hair (dry hair absorbs more of the oil) and depending on how oily your hair is, leave on for 30-40 minutes. Rinse out with a vigorous shampooing.

There are many ways to make great recipe for whipped shea butter, but here is a great one that we recommend:

Heat 1 1/3rd cups shea butter in a pan over low heat. When shea butter melts and becomes liquid, stir in ½ cup olive oil. Let the mixture cool for 30 minutes. At this point you can add in any fragrance, scents or oil extracts that you want. Transfer the mixture to a blender and blend until your shea butter takes on a mousse like consistency (it will look a little like Cool Whip). Transfer your final product to any storage container you like!

Shea butter

There are many ways to make great recipe for whipped shea butter, but here is a great one that we recommend:

Melt 10oz of shea butter in a class bowl over a pot of boiler water (double boiler method). When melted, add 6 oz of fixed oil (like avocado, sesame, etc), 2 oz of corn starch and ½ oz essential fragrances (any type you like). Stir together well and removed class bowl from pan, allowing the mixture to cool (soaking the bowl in a cold ice bath speeds up this process). Beat the mixture using a hand mixer for several minutes until the shea butter mixture takes on a cool whip like appearance (fluffy and moist)! Transfer to individual containers and let cool before securing lids.

Melt 1 oz of beeswax in a double boiler until liquid. Add in 6 oz of shea butter and 1 oz of cocoa butter, stirring well. Remove from heat and allow to cool for 10 minutes, and add in your favorite essential oil (you won’t need more than a tablespoon as these extracts go a long way)! Continue to stir until fully blended. Allow the mixture to cool a little longer and then transfer to any container of your choice. Allow to cool fully before securing leads.

Always be sure to wash your hands and any storage containers thoroughly before working with shea butter. You don’t want germs or other bacteria to contaminate your new shea butter recipe as this could decrease its shelf life.

Experiment with the types of and how much fragrance and essential oils you put in. Some might like their recipes stronger while some like only a subtle hint of scent.