Shea Butter

Global Mama’s wholesale pure raw unrefined shea butter is the finest quality shea butter. Only the finest quality nuts are selected for processing – the foundation to producing highest quality wholesale pure raw shea butter unrefined in Ghana.  Shea Butter 


What makes shea butter feel gritty/grainy?
If processed correctly, pure raw unrefined shea butter has a silky smooth texture. If shea butter does not melt through properly during processing, it becomes grainy/gritty when it solidifies. Once shea butter has this gritty texture, it needs to be melted thoroughly, at a low heat, to a liquid state and then stirred until it solidifies again to get the smooth creamy texture. It is important to keep stirring until it is almost thick before putting in containers. Having a few small grains within the buttery texture of pure raw unrefined shea butter is normal.

What color should shea butter be?
Unrefined shea butter comes is in a range of colors from off-white to a deep gold, even a strong yellow. West African shea butter tends to be lighter in color than its East African counterpart. Ghanaian shea butter is typically ivory in color, but can also be a light golden color; our wholesale pure raw unrefined shea butter is ivory in color. We produce smooth wholesale shea butter, with minimal grain as a result of thorough and precise processing.

What makes shea butter yellow?
The difference between ivory and yellow unrefined shea butter is that yellow shea butter has a natural tree root dye added to an ivory shea butter during the boiling stage. Both ivory and yellow shea butter are unrefined. Neither is more refined than the other.

Is there a shea nut season?
The collection of shea nuts is seasonal. Harvesting starts at the beginning of May and goes through the end of July. As long as the shea nuts are properly stored, the quality of nuts will not deteriorate. With proper storage, the highest quality shea butter can be produced all year long.


Is there a proper way to store bulk shea butter?
In order to get the longest shelf life out of your bulk shea butter, store the cartons on wooden pallets or shelves and not on the bare floor.