Shea Butter

While shea butter is gaining increasing popularity in the international market place for its use in soaps and lotions, shea butter has been used in hair products for centuries among African women, and shea butter for hair should not be overlooked!

While it might seem greasy at first, shea butter for hair products absorb quickly into the scalp and leave no greasy, oily residue. shea butter is rich in vitamin A which naturally work to repair split ends and breakage and relieve dryness. And, shea butter for hair can help heal numerous scalp problems, like eczema and psoriasis and protects against damage caused by the sun, harmful UV rays and wind damage. 

There are numerous ways and products to use shea butter for hair. Aside from moisturizing shampoos and conditioners, shea butter makes excellent serums to condition and protect the scalp. Extra moisturizing shea butter conditioners can be used for hair that has been dreadlocked or braided, providing strength and fighting the inevitable breakage that comes with these styles. shea butter for hair also provides an alternative to damaging hair dyes and chemical highlights, and can be combined with henna or other natural dyes to lighten or darken hair.

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Shea moisture leave in conditioners are also a great option for knotty, unruly hair. Natural moisturizing properties in shea butter for hair include detangling, separating stands and allowing for easy combing and styling. Additionally, applying products containing shea moisture leave in conditioner to hair helps to fight frizz, split ends and annoying flyaways all day! Products containing shea butter for hair can also be developed that counteract the negative effects of heat from blow dryers, strengtheners and curling irons. Applied sparingly to hair before styling with heat, shea moisture leave in conditioners provide a natural protection and leave hair feeling smoother and silkier.

Additionally, shea butter for hair products is ideal moisturizers and natural healers for the scalp. While maintaining beautiful, moisturized, luxurious hair is important, hair looks best when the scalp is healthy. Shea butter can be transformed into products that moisturize the scalp, protect it from dandruff and peeling and treat conditions such as eczema and psoriasis.

Shea butter for hair makes a great shea moisture leave in conditioner. Try warming shea butter over a hot stove and message on scalp and over hair. For dry hair, apply shea moisture leave in conditioner on damp, just- shampooed hair. For normal or oily hair, apply shea moisture leave in conditioner to hair several hours prior to shampooing. 

Hot oil treatments are often used by women as deep conditioning and moisturizing treatments for the hair. Shea butter, when heated, takes on a liquid form, making it an ideal key ingredient in hot oil deep conditioning treatments. Additionally, shea butter has a relatively low melting point (about body temperature), making it a user-friendly experience. Just add essential oils or extracts and you can create an all natural shea butter for hair treatment that revitalizes and moisturizers the scalp and hair. To create a great at home hot oil treatment, try melting a small amount of shea butter for hair, apply generously to hair and message into scalp. Wrap head in a warm towel or a plastic cap for 30 minutes and follow up with a vigorous shampoo.