Shea Butter

African women have been using shea butter skin cream for generations for a wide variety of uses from shielding their skin from the intense sun to relaxing muscles and preventing stretch marks during pregnancy.

Shea Butter CreamShea butter skin cream is what truly started the rise in shea butter popularity in the international marketplace. People with dry skin or minor skin irritations began applying shea butter cream and quickly became addicted! And while the shea butter revolution is starting to spread to other product areas, shea butter crème still remains the dominant product using shea butter and shea butter crème still has a limitless growth potential. There are not enough all natural shea butter lotions on the market, and consumers are increasingly demanding a wider array of shea butter creams for their skincare needs. 

All natural shea butter lotion has two primary applications: First and foremost as a body cream and second as a facial moisturizer. Global Mamas wholesale shea butter can be used create wonderful products for both the body and the face.

It’s tough to find a facial cream that moisturizes the skin yet doesn’t clog pores. Shea butter skin cream is soft and gentle, yet doesn’t lead to blemishes and breakouts. In fact, shea butter skin cream has been used by African women to help clear blemishes and other skin irritations. The vitamins and minerals in all natural shea butter lotion, especially vitamin A, have been proven to work as natural anti- oxidants, improving skin's texturing while decreasing fine lines, wrinkles and age spots. Used in conjunction with shea butter facial cleansing soaps, shea butter creams for the face can help you look younger.