Shea Butter

There are an array uses of Shea butter and numerous Shea butter products on the market. There are currently a wide range of Shea butter retailers that sell creams, lotions, lipsticks, soaps, etc. directly to consumers, and the market is quickly expanding. The uses of Shea butter range from anti-aging benefits to healing dry skin and rashes, preventing stretch marks, age spots and other skin discolorations to conditioners, hair treatments and facial skin cleansers.

Products Using Shea ButterConsumers are beginning to understand the importance of shea moisture products and shea butter products, and shea butter retailers are increasing the uses of shea butter in their product lines. International beauty care companies, like Burts Bees, The Body Shop and L’Occitane de Provence, have all realized the wide array of potential shea butter uses, and all now carry a large shea Butter product selection.

Global Mamas shea butter from Ghana, West Africa can be used to produce a variety of Shea moisture products. Use our shea butter to make unique soaps, lotions, facial products, conditioners, shampoos and much, much more! The expanding marketplace for shea moisture products is growing rapidly and consumers are demanding more from shea butter retailers!  Explore the endless possibilities of uses of shea butter in the links below!

Some primary uses of shea butter and shea butter products include: