Shea Butter

Global Mamas is recognized as a fair trade manufacturer and distributor through the Fair Trade Federation (FTF) and is also a member of the World Fair Trade Organization. We promote equitable and fair partnerships between producers in Africa and marketers in North America, Europe and Australia. A fair trade partnership works to provide low-income individuals working in agriculture and handicrafts with a living wage for their work. A "living wage" is set based on family size and cost of life within a given area, and exceeds the minimum wage set for the given country. 

Fairtrade Shea Butter

The criteria set by Fair Trade Federation which Global Mamas adheres to in our shea butter production are as follows:

  • Paying a fair wage in the local context.
  • Offering employees opportunities for advancement.
  • Providing equal employment opportunities for all people, particularly the most disadvantaged.
  • Engaging in environmentally sustainable practices.
  • Being open to public accountability.
  • Building long-term trade relationships.
  • Providing healthy and safe working conditions within the local context.
  • Providing financial and technical assistance to producers whenever possible.

Due to the prohibitively high fee for fair trade product certification, Global Mamas is not able to pursue fair trade certification on Global Mamas Pure Shea at this time.